5 Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

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Having an extension or renovation project for your home may be one of the biggest financial investments you’ll make.

This is why it is essential to choose a builder that does not only understand your needs, but someone with experience, knowledge and qualifications to make your dream house a reality.

Here are five essential questions to ask them:

Are they a licenced builder?

See to it that the builder has the required licence to complete your project.

If the builder doesn’t have a licence, you’re at risk of losing valuable protection against poor workmanship and questionable practices. Click here to know if your builder is licenced or not.

Do they specialise in Toowoomba home renovations and extensions?

Some builders construct a broad range of buildings and there are others that specialise in specific types of constructions.

Choose a builder that focuses on projects that are of the same nature your needs. In this way, you are guaranteed with a structured and systematic approach. This results to a faster and more efficient home building process.

Does the builder have the proper insurances and warranties in place?

Aside from having the required licence, it is also important to check if they can provide a complete warranty for their work. This includes Home Owners Warranty Insurance or Contract Works Insurance to cover the property and goods installed during construction. They should also have a Public Liability Cover and Workers Compensation Insurance for the protection of their onsite employees.

Does the builder have a proven track record of his recent projects?

A builder who has delivered successful projects is likely to have satisfied clients.

Check their previous projects, browse through their portfolio on their website and take a look on the testimonials their clients have given. You may also contact their clients and ask how they feel about the overall quality and workmanship of the project.

Is the builder flexible throughout the building process?

If you design the project before tapping a builder for pricing, it is important that the builder checks the architectural drawings with you. This will allow the builder to discuss any of their concerns or recommendations with you.

As a builder, they should be open to design changes and be flexible throughout the duration of the project to ensure their client is happy and satisfied.

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